Our Story


Where did Road Money Co. start? Well, thanks to the Great Texas Freeze, we finally had some time to sit around recalling all the adventures we have had being paid to play and chasing paper across the country and sometimes the world. We found that we were always looking for something we couldn’t find when it came to representation of our industry and thus Road Money Co. was formed.

Road Money is a term used across the skilled trades, it incorporates the adventure of traveling new places, getting dirty, dragging up, and most of all meeting the dying breed of skilled and talented people that keep America going and growing. From storm chasing Lineman keeping our power on, to the Pipeliners who build and maintain our pipelines, and the Oil and Gas industry workers who drill for black gold and supply our refineries and pipelines, for the Heavy Equipment Operators who dig, build, and maintain the surfaces and buildings we utilize daily, the Crane Operators who pick and set America’s buildings and structures, for the truck drivers who keep America moving, and the countless other skilled trades men and women who work with sheer grit to keep us going behind the scenes so we can keep our everyday lives in motion.